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Every site user gets a email address.

The quickest way to use email is to log into our webmail service. However, this may not be an interface you like, or you may even want to forward your email somewhere else. If so, read on!


If you'd like to use your own email client, you'll need to configure it with the settings shown below:

Server type:IMAP and SMTP
Use SSL/TLS?:yes
Username and password:use yours

Not sure how exactly how to set it up? Your email program may have a way to automatically detect the settings. If not, here's some links describing how for major email programs:

If your email program isn't here and you wish it were, email us and we can probably add it.

Other configuration

If you want to have your email forwarded elsewhere, instead of being delivered to our systems, just put the destination email into home/.forward. For example:
echo > ~/.forward

You can also do fancy things by using maildrop filtering and putting the filters into the home/.mailfilter file. For details, see the manual for maildropfilter.

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