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Physics Educational Computing Facility (PECF)


Our computing facility is in Rockefeller B3. If you're not sure where it is, see the first map on the left, which shows where it can be found.

Besides being a general computer lab, the PECF is also used for several Physics classes; see the schedule to the left. While the room is in use for classes, it's not open for use in person, but if you want to run a small background job on low priority, that should be okay. Use your best judgement.


We have 20 machines total, with the following base specifications:

Processor:Core i7 860 2.8 GHz
Memory:4 GB
Hard drive:160 GB
Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 310

One of the machines (nws07) has an NVIDIA GeForce 430 card set up for CUDA. Feel free to experiment with CUDA and GPU computing.

In addition, we have two servers, with a total shared disk space of 8 TB available to the client machines. This is where all home directories are stored; nothing special is needed to access it.


All machines are running Debian Jessie, with a variety of scientific and mathematical software packages installed.

Class Schedule

Fall 2014:

  • Physics 7682: MF 1:30-3:30


PECF Location
Location of Room

Room Layout
Room Layout

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