Cornell University
Physics Educational Computing Facility (PECF)


There are some informal policies governing the computer lab. Nothing is written in stone because we understand the need to be flexible, but the basic principle is to be reasonable in usage and considerate to other users.

Running Jobs

Some people may like to run jobs on the machines to do some computational work. This is perfectly fine. However, there are some guidelines to follow while you are doing it.

Disk Usage

At the moment there are no disk quotas. We have 8 TB of total disk space available for usage, and so far there is no issue of running out. Don't use it needlessly, though. If you get up towards 100 GB of usage, you should think about cutting back.


We provide a 200 page per month quota, but this is intended to be a maximum, not an average. If you regularly reach this limit or get close, please cut down on your printing.

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