Cornell University
Physics Educational Computing Facility (PECF)


The printer in the computer lab is a Samsung ML-2851ND, and all computers are set up to use it.

Printing from GUI programs should just work. Use the print command from a program and it will be printed. For command line programs, use the lp command to print. For example,
lp file.pdf
This will default to double-sided printing. If you need single-sided printing, use for example
lp -o sides=one-sided file.pdf
Please only do this if you need to though, in order to save paper.

It is possible to print remotely if you'd like to, though not directly. Use a command like
ssh lp < FILE.pdf
where FILE.pdf is the local file name. Please be sure to pick up your job. A lot of jobs get abandoned and end up being thrown away, and we don't like to do it.

You can check on any of your jobs by running the lpstat command, which will show their current status.

How much can I print?

There is a quota of 200 pages per 31 day period for each user. Try not to use all of your quota on a regular basis though.

Where can I get more paper or toner?

The main Physics office in 109 Clark Hall has more printing supplies. Just ask Cindee or Kacey and they can tell you where the paper and toner are.

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