Cornell University
Physics Educational Computing Facility (PECF)


Every site user gets a web address. But beware of using too much bandwidth! Avoid serving large (>100MB) files or otherwise using lots of bandwidth, or it will end up costing the department.

In order to use this web space, create a folder home/public_html and put your webpages inside it. For example:
mkdir ~/public_html
echo "This isn't a web page..." > ~/public_html/nothtml.txt

Then you can access it from the URL

What web languages can I use?

We have installed and enabled Apache support for PHP5, Python 2.6, and SSI. Do you need something else? We can probably enable that too. Just email.


We have MySQL set up on the web server. If you want to make a web site that uses a database, no problem. Just let us know and we can give you your own database.


We have a centralized installation of MediaWiki set up on the server. If you'd like a wiki that requires no effort to set up (because we'll do it), ask and you shall receive.

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